Amsterdam Airport offers most direct flights in Europe

Image: Philippo Bolognese

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has surpassed London Heathrow as the airport with most direct flights in Europe. This is stated in the 2017 ACI Connectivity Report ( E Airport Industry Connectivity Report 2017_web version.pdf), the umbrella organisation serving the interests of airport companies.

Travellers can choose at Amsterdam Airport from 4.861 direct flights a week. That is 20% more than five years ago. In London the number of flights have actually decreased, just like with rivals as Paris Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt.

Amsterdam Airport moreover has consolidated its worldwide second position with regard to hub connectivity, after Frankfurt. Amsterdam Airport counts 56.535 connections, a growth of 70% compared to ten years ago. CEO Jos Nijhuis is satisfied. ”The extensiveness and frequency of the network of destinations makes The Netherlands extremely well connected. It is good for the competitive position of the country and for the economic growth of The Netherlands,” he says. And the airport keeps growing. Last year September, the airport announced the investment of one billion Euros to build another terminal (  With this, Amsterdam Airport will strengthen its position as one of the most well-connected airports in the world.

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