Education in The Netherlands is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. The international student population is expected to reach almost 100,000 in 2018. Some universities in The Netherlands like Amsterdam or Rotterdam University have an international population ranging from 10-20%, with the number of international students in Maastricht University even reaching 50%. With tuition fees for education in the UK and USA hitting unprecedented highs in recent years, it’s should hardly come as a surprise that international students are increasingly considering universities overseas.


Universities in the UK and the USA are widely known for their academic excellence and reputation. Times Higher Education ( placed an impressive number of 12 British universities in their 2018 top 100 universities in the world list and 43 from the USA.

A lesser-known fact, however, is that out of a total of 13 Dutch universities, 7 belong to this same list. That is twice the amount of top 100 universities when taking population size into account. All Dutch universities feature in the top 250 and thus belong to the best 1% of universities in the world.


Students studying in the Netherlands save tens of thousands of pounds when compared to studying at British universities, and double to triple that amount when compared to studying in the USA. Prospective students who are willing to cross the pond can obtain a bachelor’s degree for a fraction of the price they would pay in the UK or the US.


With significantly lower fees and good quality teaching, what about the language barrier? Dutch universities offer an increasing number of degrees that are fully taught in English. This means that studying in the Netherlands has become a viable option for international students — and might go some part of the way in explaining their migration abroad!

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